Just like living in an apartment where usually the building insurance is covered by a third party, you still need to have contents insurance. Self-storage works the same way. Our insurance covers our building; your insurance is to cover your possessions.

Only those authorised persons who you have given permission to and have indicated on your account will have access to your room. You can give someone access to your room, without having access to your account management. You are responsible for giving them your key card.

The speed at which we will process your refund will depend on your last payment date and payment method. Dependent on your payment method, if a recent payment has been made, we will need this payment to have cleared before a refund can be processed.

If we owe you money when you move out, your refund will be issued to you within 14 days of you moving out. Should there be any outstanding charges on your account of concerns in how the room was left by you at move out, then the amount refunded could be amended to collect these additional charges.