The freedom and security of knowing that your possessions or goods are in one place is something that can’t be compared. The sigh of relief every time you lock up our self-storage units will leave you with peace of mind.

Whether you are looking for a short-term fix or an indefinite self-storage unit, our premises at SilverBox Self Storage could be just right. We offer a flexible and accessible service to ensure that our domestic and commercial customers can get what they need for an affordable price.

Where to find self-storage units near me?

There are a great number of different self-storage units available from our selection. We have spaces that are perfect for moving out of the family home on your own as well as commercial sized units that can help with an office change.

Our team will help you through each stage towards the end. This includes:

  • Tell us more: Give us an idea about the amount of stuff you have, the square meters you need, and we will go away to produce a cost-effective quote.
  • Move in: We will provide you with access to your desired unit and allow you the freedom to move your items in when it suits you.
  • Get access when you need: Our units are accessible every day of the week between 7am and 11pm. This allows you to move more stuff in and take away items when you need to.

To discover more about self-storage units near you, get in contact with us today.