Did you know we offer a 50% discount for the first 8 weeks for our units over 200 square feet?

If you’re in between properties in London, we offer excellent quotes when it comes to safe and secure self-storage.

We help both businesses and individuals find low-cost storage solutions at any time of year. Our self-storage units are based in Wembley so ideal for people from across London.

Our units are safe, secure and clean, and you can rest assured you’ll be the sole keyholder. It’s our aim to make storing valued items easy and stress-free. We offer excellent value for money and different sized storage, so you never pay for more than you need. You will also enjoy access whenever you need it.

When you choose Silver Box Self Storage, you can enjoy complete peace of mind. Our premises are constantly monitored with 24-hour CCTV and security. Your possessions will never be in danger, either from damp or thieves, and all storage units are kept clean and tidy.

Whether you’re after small units the size of a garden shed or need one that’s larger than a garage, Silver Box Self Storage can help.

If you need self-storage in North London, why not book one of our units online today?