The transition from college to university and university to a new home or back home is always a little difficult. There will be much to discuss and organise in these important months.

Whether you are waiting to receive the keys for your student accommodation, you are forced to move out of your flat for a new tenant or you are waiting to hear back about a property, you will need somewhere to put your belongings.

Our student self-storage services at Silverbox Self Storage is a professional, affordable and accessible option for any student in North West London. We have an array of self-storage options from our base close to North Wembley Station.

How to choose our student self-storage services?

  1. Select your space: We have four distinctly sized spaces for you to rent from us at Silverbox Self Storage. These four are perfectly designed to suit students through to small businesses.
  2. Move your stuff: Our flexible renting options will give you the chance to stay as long as you want. Get your stuff moved in with ease due to our proximity to the Bakerloo and the Overground.
  3. Access when you want: We are ready to greet you whenever you need to pick something up or bring more stuff and add it to your collection.

Discover more about our student self storage options by getting in contact with us today.